Summer time is that period of the year when everybody thinks about recharging their batteries. Because they know the summer vacation is around the corner. And that means you get some quality time to yourself and some time to be with your family, without having to worry about meetings and deadlines.

Although adults are very much looking forward to this time even kids are excited about the summer vacations. This is partly due to the fact they don’t have to get up early in the morning and go to school, but also because they know it’s that time of the year where their parent will be spending most days at home and with them.

The ideal holiday

For kids summer reminds them of the sunshine, the beach and building sand castles with their parents. They love the times spent at the beach jumping over the waves hearing the sound of their parent’s laughter ringing in their ears. But unfortunately, of late the trend is becoming such that even during these times of bliss children are bombarded with extracurricular activities in school like the kids band holiday program or extra academic learning sessions. As if it wasn’t enough all the days in the year they spend in school and classes that now even their summer holidays are being ruined by them.

The kind of play that you get involved in when you take your children away for a trip during the summer holidays is not only just plain fun, but it also helps with attachment and bonding. It tells the children that you are enjoying spending time with them. Which in turn makes them feel like they belong and that they are needed. It shows them that your complete attention is on them and what they want to do. Instead of the halfhearted responses that they get from their parents on during the rest of the days.

Such an enriched environment is a far cry from the stressful environment that these kids face day in and day out at home. And it has been proven that these holidays and family times help the development of the child’s brain and increase their IQ. So if you are looking to increase your child’s intelligence don’t tell them to get buried behind their books or to stay those few extra hours in school. Take them on a fun filled holiday with plenty of together time. Which in itself will be an IQ builder. And in the end, both you and your child have benefitted from it.