As a parent, we know that we are responsible for the physical and mental well-being of our child. But many individuals fail to realize that they are also responsible for teaching their children good habits. This does not only include good manners. But it can also include good hygiene habits. That is because no parent wants their child to be the smelly kid in class. This would go on to affect both their self-esteem and self-confidence. That is because they would go on to get bullied. However, teaching these good habits is not as easy as it sounds. That is because at this age children would not mind being dirty and smelly.  But you have to find a way to encourage your child to adhere to these good habits.

Teach Them The Basics

Before you teach them to wash behind their ears you need to begin with the basics. Thus the first step would be to teach your child to wash their hands with soap. They need to do this before every meal. Furthermore, it should also be done every time they go to the bathroom. This can be tricky to teach to children. That is because they would not have the patience to scrub their hands for the appropriate amount of time. But you can try to make the scrubbing time fun. For instance, you can ask them to sing a particular song every time they scrub. Therefore till they reach the end of the song they would have to scrub.

Go To A Professional

When it comes to teaching them to brush their twice a day you would have a difficult time. That is because no child likes to spend time accomplishing this task. Therefore in that case what you can do is take the child with your next time you visit the dentists mackay. Then you can ask a professional to teach them the proper way to brush their teeth. Furthermore, you can also ask them to let the child know what would happen if they don’t brush.

Be An Example

At this age, the child is very observant. Therefore one way to convince them to adhere to good hygiene habits would be to lead by example. This means letting them see you brush your teeth and wash your face every morning. Furthermore, before you eat something you should wash your hands and make sure they see you.

It may be challenging to teach them skills. But if you follow these tips you would have a much easier time.