Dancing is a performance art that not only allows you to express yourself to the whole world but also allows you to be in good shape as well. Just like when doing any kind of sport, dancing can also be a demanding hobby/practice that will tend to test your physique. Same as in sports, the right attire can make all the difference when it comes to showcasing your talent through dancing. One of the most important aspects of this attire is the dance shoes that come in an array of different styles, designs and brands and they help dancers to bring out the best in themselves.

The Common Ones

The common types of dance shoes are a must have for any dancer, irrespective of their age and are usually not very expensive. One of the most famous kind of common shoes used for dancing, is the ‘Ballet Slippers’ that comes in two types known as “pointe shoes” and standard shoes. The standard ballet slipper uses a simple ribbon, in order to tie it around an ankle and usually comes in materials such as canvas/leather. They are known to be ideal for ballet workouts/performances as well as general use, due to the comfort they provide for the foot. When comparing with this the pointe shoe is a little rigid around the area that covers the toes, thus it allows ballerinas to stand on their toes for a long time, very easily.

The Specialized Ones

These type of dance shoes offer more special features and usually can be purchased from Wholesale Dancewear Suppliers for very reasonable prices. The Jazz shoe, along with its sandals and sandal hybrids, is designed with a split-sole to offer maximum flexibility for the foot arches and can be considered as a good example, for this type of shoes. And even though it appears to be closer in appearance to a woman’s heels, its hardy heel and robust arch support, makes the Ballroom shoe, another outstanding shoe in this category.

The Not-So-Specialized Ones

The shoe type that usually falls under this category is your typical sneakers that are used by hip-hop dancers. Although there are specialized shoes that can be used for hip-hop dancing, many dancers just tend to use a good pair of sneakers, which is like a ‘salute’ to the hip-hop dancing’s roots that were generally from the urban streets.

Each of these shoes offers unique support and comfort in different levels for different dancers. And also when it comes to choosing the right pair of dance shoes, make sure that they allow good performance and comfort ability when you put them on, so that it will ultimately lead to a great dance performance.