Not having proper methods to dispose waste has become a global problem. The toxic waste materials that are added to the soil and environment will play a major role in exhausting resources for the future generations. To ensure sustainability for the years to come, one must dispose their waste responsibly. Following are a few ways in which you can dispose your household waste if you are living in Australia.


Composting is the least hazardous way of disposing your household waste. It is very easy to make, and can be used as manure for your garden later on. All organic waste such as food scraps can be taken and put into a large bin that opens to the ground along with fallen leaves in your garden and other unwanted stuff. Once it is kept for some time, all of the organic waste will turn into fertilizer which will be rich in nutrients. This can be done in your own garden or backyard, and is a very effective way of managing your household waste.


Even though recycling is difficult to be done at home, one can contribute to it by following the rules and regulations that are enforced by the council. In Australia, the council makes sure that waste is collected from every household at least once a week. In Geelong, your household waste can be sorted according to ‘Paper’, ‘Glass’ and ’Plastic’ and be kept in hired bins and skips Geelong  for them to be collected and hauled away.


Since the majority of waste is not recycled or re-used in Australia, they mainly focus on landfill. This is one of the oldest methods of disposing waste. Here, the waste is dumped to a site and then buried with soil eventually. The waste mainly comes from households and businesses. Even though landfill is not the safest method of disposing waste, it is the most practiced one. Even in Geelong – a city that is very concerned about managing waste material – this method is followed. Geelong residents are advised to put them in bins and skips. Since businesses have more waste, it is recommended that they use skips. If an agency that hires skips is hard to find, all you have to do is Google ‘skips Geelongand choose the one that suits you best.


Although burning waste materials is not followed majorly in Australia, it is safer than landfill. Incineration without supervision or without a clear idea as to how to handle it, may lead to challenging issues in the future. The burning of the waste products should be controlled. For otherwise, hazardous gases that emit, may pollute the environment further.

Above mentioned are the main ways in which one could dispose waste. Proper waste disposal methods must be practiced at all times to protect natural resources for the future generations.